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About us

Thabo Senyolo and Partners was founded in the 1980’s by Thabo Senyolo, during a time that the South African building and engineering sector was cold to the black emerging male professionals.
Mr Senyolo established the company on 1986, after becoming the first African quantity surveyor to graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand, forming a part of pioneering movement for black professionals.
Thabo Senyolo and partners is also a member and co-founder of the South African Black Technical and Allied Careers Organisation (SABTACO), and continues to support the development of the disadvantaged black communities in his daily duties.

  • Company history:

Since establishment in 1986, the core company policies and values have always been to create opportunity and a foothold for up and coming black professionals, but taking cognisance to create fair opportunity for all South Africans as a whole.
The company has had a wide variety of experience in the engineering and building sector, where projects such as the construction of pit toilets, community schools, shopping centres and airports have been undertaken and successfully executed.

  • The present and beyond:

Thabo Senyolo and Partners cc aims to continue on the quest to “fight a losing battle”, aptly inspired by the survivalist and stoical historical legacy of our nation. The company not only aims to provide the best professional Quantity Surveying services, through technological innovation and targeted research, we aim to strive for the best in all individuals through thorough self evaluation.



What’s is a quantity surveyor

LA Quantity Surveyor is a construction economist in a team of professional consultants and has the function of co-ordinating the cost of construction projects. He scientifically plans, evaluates and controls expenditure on construction projects of all types..

A Quantity Surveyor may be consulted about a proposed project before it is planned, in which case, he determines its commercial viability and prepares a report stating his findings and recommendations. If it is a commercial project, for example, a shopping centre which is greatly influenced by a good return on investment, then the Quantity Surveyor's report is very critical on the decision whether to carry out the project or not to. The report does not carry the same weight with non-commercial projects, for example, schools, houses and other community oriented projects..

If a Quantity Surveyor is appointed at the same time as an Architect when a project is envisaged, he acts in an advisory capacity during the planning stages of the project. not only does he give advice concerning the cost problems during the designing stages of the building, but he is also able to prepare cost estimates at various stages of the planning. The project is thus kept within the financial limits stipulated by the client at the outset of the project.


Our mission statement


“We integrate professionalism, passion and compassion, with the aim of spreading to the four corners of the world; through effort and commitment, at all times”


Our vision statement


Through an unblinking dedication, our  aim is to create  self-belief which forms a solid foundation of excellence in our profession and beyond”