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Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg
Client: Akani Resorts

The Pillars of the Constitution are the first exhibit visitors see when visiting the Apartheid Museum. Located in the courtyard, it includes one pillar for each of the seven values that are enshrined tin the South African Constitution: democracy, equality, reconciliation, diversity, responsibility, respect and freedom

Race classification is both an entry point and exhibit. Apartheid was built on divisions by race: native, white, coloured, and Asian. Required identity documents indicated one's race, and these are on view in this exhibit. Visitors to the museum have just entered at this point, using one of two entrances, white and non-white, based on randomly generated entrance tickets.The actual items one sees in the exhibit is determined by which entry point one has had to use
Freedom Park Apartheid Museum
Mandela House
Winnie Mandela
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