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Thabo Senyolo & Partners Thabo Senyolo & PartnersMTN Newlands Switch Energy and Data Centre, Johannesburg
Client: Mobile Telephone Network (South Africa) – MTN

The site is able to function indefinitely without drawing any power from Eskom by using natural gas piped in from Mozambique. It however has connections to Eskom and back-up diesel generators in case there is an interruption in the supply of gas

MTN has commissioned Sasol, which drills the gas, to build a 3,5km extension to the energy giant’s pipeline into the Centurion site. The facility will also function as a key switching and transmission centre for MTN’s network. MTN Business, which provides converged communications solutions, will make extensive use of the 1 500sqm facility, which is under construction near the SA Mint. MTN’s internal IT department will use other parts of the centre
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